Solbet - beton komórkowy i chemia budowlana

About SOLBET Company

SOLBET is a Polish leader and the largest producer of autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC) in Poland - up to 1/3 of domestic production of AAC comes from SOLBET factories. Current production capacities of all Group facilities reach 2,5 million cubic meters of AAC and other products per year. The Group's largest plant and headquarters located in Solec Kujawski is the European record holder in daily production of AAC - every day the plant provides 2500 m3 of its products on the market. SOLBET brand is known throughout the continent, including Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Lithuania, Latvia, Ukraine and Croatia. Such a huge scale of production is the result of over 72 years of activity that involves constant development and improvement of its products, as well as expansion of its product range.

SOLBET, in addition to AAC, also produces building chemicals - mortars, plasters and adhesives. Above all, a wide range of these products allows for a systemic construction using AAC, but also allows for the use of some SOLBET products in other technologies.