The basic parameters adopted in the design of the walls

Compressive strength

Compressive strength – this is one of the basic parameters adopted in the design of the walls. Owing to this, the designer is able to assess the possibility of using the material, when specifying the level of load in a specific design situation.

The scope of the compressive strength of AAC allows to safely carry out structures of bearing and non-bearing walls in all kinds of buildings with different construction and use (also multi-storey buildings). Masonry elements from autoclaved aerated concrete are produced and introduced to the market and used on the basis of the harmonized European standard EN 771-4: 2011 “Specification for masonry units. Part 4: Masonry units from autoclaved aerated concrete”.


                                   Density Average compressive strength
PP2-0,4 and PP2-0,35≥ 2,75
PP2-0,5≥ 2,75
PP4-0,6≥ 4,70