Solbet Build responsibly Our own renewable energy sources
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Our own renewable energy sources

As the leader and largest producer of cellular concrete in Poland, SOLBET is perfectly aware of the great responsibility of every business – not only in supplying high-quality products to the market, but also in minimising the impact of their activities on the natural environment. SOLBET has for years devoted great attention to sustainability by making energy from renewable sources the basis of its production activities. It also continually invests in new, environmentally-friendly solutions, setting an example of good practice, responsible attitude, and sustainable action with the environment and the future in mind. Although cellular concrete is already the least energy-consuming to produce out of all the building materials currently manufactured, SOLBET’s environmental policy is centred around using renewable energy sources as much as possible in its production processes and in the activities of the entire Group. Hence, as early as in 2009, SOLBET was the first building material manufacturer in Poland to invest in its own wind turbines, which were commissioned at the main plant in Solec Kujawski. Further turbines, due to the complicated process of obtaining building permits, were commissioned between 2010 and 2013, until a total nominal capacity of 15 MW was achieved. Currently, we already operate 17 wind turbines in the Kujawsko-Pomorskie province. From the very beginning, this investment was aimed at making the production of SOLBET cellular concrete even more environmentally friendly. By building its own turbines 14 years ago, SOLBET became a forerunner in the field of green energy. Already at the stage of planning the size of the investment, it was assumed that it would cover the energy requirements of the entire Group. This has also been achieved. In 2022, the amount of energy generated by the wind turbines accounted for 105% of the annual electricity needs of the entire company. The investment in wind energy provides us with energy autonomy, but above all it contributes to a significant reduction in emissions and a clear reduction in the so-called carbon footprint of the company and the materials it produces. By consistently making its own investments in renewable energy, SOLBET is also enriching the Polish capital in RES.