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Production without loss

The production of cellular concrete is carried out in the most environmentally-friendly manner possible, not least in view of the economic use of semi-finished products and the minimisation of waste. Up to 5 m3 of cellular concrete can be produced from 1 m3 of raw materials. This high yield not only reduces the consumption of resources and production costs, but also the environmental impact. SOLBET cellular concrete is also manufactured practically waste-free. The moulding of AAC materials takes place in an uncured state, so that the waste resulting from trimming can be fed back into the raw material mix and used in further production. The water left over after steam-hardening the cellular concrete is also reused – along with fresh water, it is added to the next mix of raw materials. The on-site wastewater treatment plant allows industrial water to be reused several times over, thus reducing the amount of wastewater generated as much as possible.