Solbet Build responsibly Healthy, warm, and safe building material
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Healthy, warm, and safe building material

SOLBET autoclaved cellular concrete is made from natural raw materials – quartz sand, lime, cement, gypsum, and water. A minimal amount of foaming agent, i.e. aluminium powder or paste, is also used in its production. By reacting with calcium hydroxide, they puff up the mass, resulting in millions of air-filled micropores which give cellular concrete its high thermal insulation properties. Thanks to the raw materials used, cellular concrete is a healthy and environmentally safe material throughout its entire life cycle.

The method of obtaining the raw materials used for the manufacture of SOLBET cellular concrete also forms part of the company’s pro-ecological policy. The  aggregate, i.e. sand, is supplied from a mine located in the immediate vicinity of the production facilities, and the mining areas are recultivated afterwards. The other raw materials required for the production of SOLBET autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC) come from local sources. This keeps transport, and the resulting environmental impact, to the minimum.