Solbet Build responsibly Green hydrogen production
Buduj odpowiedzialnie

Green hydrogen production

Environmental accountability requires future-oriented solutions – with one such solution being our green hydrogen production installation, located at the main production plant of SOLBET in Solec Kujawski. This state-of-the-art investment enables the company to utilise the surplus of clean, renewable energy produced by the two wind turbines located next to the plant and use it to produce green hydrogen through electrolysis. There is also a hydrogen refuelling station on site, which allows the company’s fleet of forklifts and company cars to be fuelled with this environmentally friendly fuel. The green hydrogen produced on site will ultimately also be used in the manufacture of SOLBET cellular concrete. The use of hydrogen as an alternative to fossil fuel-based energy will ensure a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, even in the most energy-intensive processes.

Wind turbines cooperating with electrolysers producing green hydrogen, less than 100 m away from the refuelling site, is an absolutely unique investment and a further milestone towards the environmentally neutral production of cellular concrete and a responsible and environmentally-friendly company economy.